If you’ve got stuff, we’ve got solutions.

For more than 15 years, Hannibal Industries has provided high-quality storage solutions across America and around the world. All of us at Hannibal Industries are proud to be the Metalsistem North American master distributor. Metalsistem is a pre-galvanized steel shelving system that features innovative design concepts – like boltless construction – and a sleek, modern look that can solve any organization or display issue.

Our rugged shelving units are tough enough to handle nearly any commercial job you can throw at them. They also feature a sleek, modern design that can make a lively retail space out of the dullest floor plan. Even if you’ve got a home project that needs organizing, we have the solution that fits your project – and your budget.

And that’s not all – we also offer a wide variety of accessories that include everything from modular containers, drawers, shelf trays, tire storage and sliding dividers to mezzanines.

At Hannibal Industries, we believe in creating sustainable, innovative, and cost-effective products that can optimize any space. Whether you need to keep track of a vast inventory, or just need room to work and live – if you’ve got stuff, we’ve got solutions.