Tire Storage

Big. Bulky. Round. If you have shelves of tires in your showroom or your warehouse, you know they can be a pain to store. It’s difficult to keep them organized and accessible, and it’s even more difficult to display them well.

But it doesn’t have to be that way. Hannibal Shelving offers strong, affordable storage solutions for even the biggest and bulkiest merchandise. Whether it’s wheels, hubcaps, or tires, we offer a unique solution for neat, easy-to-reach tire storage.

The oval-shaped beams can also be used for tire storage. When storing tires on H47mm beams, SUPER-3 is required for both the beams and the frames. Maximum allowed bay length: 47.24 inches. Maximum allowed frame depth: 15.75 inches, to ensure safe tire storage and to prevent torsional deflection of the beams.

tire storage