Ideal for warehouse applications, Mezzanines are freestanding standalone modular structures that maximize clear space both under and above the mezzanine. Metalsistem mezzanines are created using interlocking components, which have the ability to adapt to a variety of structures, including catwalks, platforms and rack supports.

All structural components are manufactured from 3.1B (EN10204) certified high-tensile steel. The shelving, which is a closed section without perforations or cut-outs, enables connections to be made on eight points along four faces. This allows for the creation of mezzanine structures such as shelving, catwalks, platforms and rack supports in unlimited forms and configurations, maximizing warehouse capacity.

Metalsistem’s two-tier mezzanines avoid any type of bolting or welding. This combines the two most important elements – lightweight and high-strength – in the Metalsistem tradition.