SUPER 1-2-3 is a patented, fully adjustable, pre-galvanized, boltless storage and display system that has been designed to meet the needs of light-to-medium-duty storage, as well as for the construction of two-tier mezzanine structures (with the SUPER 3 system). Thanks to its attractive, modern design,SUPER 1-2-3 shelving can provide both trendy and cost-effective solutions for commercial, retail, and residential storage needs.

SUPER 1-2-3 is delivered to customers through highly competitive pricing, giving users affordable solutions to even the most advanced technical shelving problems. SUPER 1-2-3 is specifically designed for both rapid assembly and stability. This product combines the use of high-quality zinc-coated steel, with an innovative design to allow the highest possible load-bearing capacity from light-gauge materials.

The structural components of the SUPER 1-2-3 system are made from high-tensile steel, certified according to EN 10204 3.1. The safety and the quality of the product has always been a primary aim of Metalsistem, and is recognized by TÜV Product Service in Munich, Germany, one of the most rigorous E.C. commissions in the field of quality and safety certification. In addition, SUPER 1-2-3 also meets the strict requirements of the Equipment Safety Law.

The customizable design of SUPER 1-2-3 allows for a variety of shelving configurations, with the aid of multiple accessories and shelving solutions such as decks, shelves, steel planks, carton flow, bins, modular containers, shelf trays, drawers, steel cabinets and more. This flexibility and customization allows businesses of all kinds to build shelving solutions to meet any need, simply.